CODE SAMPLE - web.config - How to acquire Name/Value pair data!
web.config is a great place to store data on an Intranet especially if the data changes frequently and attacks by hackers are not a major concern (I guess that is always a major concern).  Anyhow, it can be a useful place to store connection strings, stored procedure names, values for any purpose, parameters, etc.  Here I simply show how to fetch the data from web.config.  C# code only.
web.config Data Sample :
    <add key="JobCfgTitleMaster" value="BBS System version 1.1"/>
Namespace(s) Required:
    using System.Configuration;
Code to Access: (deprecated - see below for newer technique)
   private static readonly string strJobCfgTitleMaster =  
    A static readonly variable is used as it will be the same for all instances.
Code to Access:(newer technique)
   private static readonly string strJobCfgTitleMaster =